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Catch Basin Cleaning in Latham & Albany

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Is your parking lot, street, or sidewalk flooded? Catch basins often become full of dirt, leaves, and other debris. Once the catch basin becomes clogged, water can no longer enter the drainage system and instead causes flooding.

Plumbing Today Inc. has over 40+ years of catch basin cleaning and maintenance experience. We provide a variety of services that cater to every emergency need you may have. Our Latham and Albany plumbers have the expertise and professionalism to get the job done right each and every time!

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Why Schedule Catch Basic Cleaning?

By schedule cleaning services, you can help:

  • Keep the roads and parking lots from overflowing with water on rainy days
  • Allow our streets to stay safe for the local community
  • Maintain the value of your property
  • Avoid future drainage issues or emergencies

When Is it Time to Schedule Services?


Catch basin cleaning is eventually needed for all drainage systems to remove any debris and small particles that may clog the system. During the spring rainy season, our team at Plumbing Today Inc. is always prepared to deal with a lot of catch basin cleaning and maintenance in Albany, Latham, and surrounding areas.

Typically, scheduling maintenance or cleaning twice a year is the best preventative step a property owner can take. This can help eliminate as much as 80 percent of accumulated debris and solids.

Maintaining catch basins and storm drain systems is for the experienced who are licensed and skilled to quickly conquer the job. Plumbing Today Inc. is on a mission to make sure every home, school, and business plumbing system function clean and hazard free-including catch basins.

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